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Armada Online game overview

Armada Online
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Overview of the game Armada Online

Armada Online is an arcade space mmorpg, which in its appearance is very reminiscent of the well-known RPG Space Rangers, which we have repeatedly mentioned on the MMOTOP.ORG website. All events in the game take place in outer space. True, all ships travel in two-dimensional space. It turns out that the developers managed to create an online version of the space rangers. Here, players can take part in corporate battles, as well as fight each other for the extraction of resources.

Gameplay Features

It is worth noting that all the battles in Armada Online take place not only in outer space, but also on the planets themselves. Here, players will be engaged in the construction of bases and the extraction of resources. Accordingly, they will be able to build armies of ground units and take part in large-scale ground battles. Development and pumping in Armada Online occurs due to the destruction of hordes of various NPC opponents, as well as through the completion of various quests.

In the game, you are given the opportunity to control several dozen varieties of warships. Each of these ships has certain racial characteristics. By the way, there are as many as 6 races in Armada Online. Customization is important in the game, which is carried out through various options for shields, armor, weapons and motors. As a result, you will be able to change the look of your ship beyond recognition. In addition, do not forget about a simple but understandable trading system. With its help, the most adventurous players can earn a lot of money without firing a shot.


In general, when compared to EVE Online, the Armada Online project seems to be simpler, but this is its main advantage. Even a novice player can easily master a new game world and enjoy the game.

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