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Overview of the game Ar:piel Online

Ar:piel Online is another clone of Diablo, this time from the pen of Korean developers. Games of this kind always try to fit the maximum of action, explosions and meat into the minimum area. Ar:piel Online was no exception and the output turned out to be a very suitable hack'n'slash for anime fans. Hordes of monsters are fought here by very kawaii girls and young men - students of a special school of half-humans, half-beasts.


According to the story, users will have to find special fragments of the Magic Mirror, which was broken by a traitor and scattered across the continents. Previously, it protected the world of Ar:piel from evil, but after the incident, various cute plants began to appear, threatening to kill everyone, as well as giant fluffy butterflies, cats and other "evil monsters".


After getting acquainted with a short tutorial, we are offered to choose one of the character classes. There are nine in total. Naturally, the game for any cardinally differs. We can play as a hunter-dog, a leopard fighter, a snake-witch, a rabbit mage, a dragon warrior and so on. The animal essence reflects the game and appearance style of the character. Each of the archetypes has 50 skills in the arsenal, however, only 10 of them can be used in dungeons.


Speaking of dungeons, the main activity in the game is clearing dungeons. All of them have three levels of difficulty, and after passing the inst in a solo on a "beginner", it will be very difficult to move on alone. And this means that you will have to make a couple of friends to free the catacombs from the kawaii evil spirits. Particularly skilled players will be able to proudly take the leading places in the ranking.

In addition to clearing the classic instances, users can go to conquer the Angora Tower. This is a special dungeon for high-level characters (from lvl 65) with a rating system, difficult bosses, nine stages (sublevels), its own store where purchases are made for the currency mined in the Tower, as well as interesting quests.

From the extermination of millions of mobs, it is possible to be distracted by peaceful pursuits. In Ar:piel you can craft, gather, trade, purchase and equip housing. And by following the special Time of Adventures scale, you can always get a bonus to any profession, but only at a certain time. There are microtransactions and some items cannot be earned in-game, only with real money, but there is nothing in the store that affects the gameplay.


At the moment, unfortunately, there is no PvP in the game, but do not lose heart, the developers are actively working on the project and promise to introduce combat zones in the future, like arenas. There will be leaderboards, duels and more. Whether Guild Battles will be a highlight of the program is yet to be seen, so we can only hope that this fun activity will be added.


The project is a solid anime grind, where it's not boring to spend time with friends, develop and collect things of the heroic shooting range. But not everyone will like it, but only avid fans of anime and cuteness, and even those from time to time may need a break or they will begin to see cute monsters in the surrounding objects.

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