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Review of the game Ashen Empires

Ashen Empires is one of the successors of Diablo 2. Indeed, after the release of this hit, many similar games appeared. This idea moves from one engine to another and, at the same time, is quite tenacious. Recall that Ashen Empires was born in 2004. It has been repeatedly mentioned on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Unfortunately, the gameplay cannot offer any innovations and is a traditional point and click, adapted to a geometric projection.

Game structure

Two factions in Ashen Empires have been fighting each other for many years. However, why this war is being waged is not entirely clear, although this war only concerns players in the situation when you choose a PvP server to play since there is also a PvE server. The gameplay is built on numerous trips to the dungeons, in which the main character will mercilessly cut hordes of stupid monsters with his sword. Everything is quite traditional, except for the graphics, which are at a superficial level.

Races and characters

There are three typical races in Ashen Empires: humans, orcs, and elves. Among the features of the game is the complete absence of any classes. Instead, a limitation of skill points was invented. You can learn absolutely any skill until you run out of topics. Also of interest is the reputation system, which will allow you to choose between a decent inhabitant of the virtual world or a real criminal who can get imprisoned and end up as a worker in a quarry.


Ashen Empires generally combines weak, outdated pictures and many banal stamps. All this is a dead end for development, but the game will not develop as long as the most passionate gamers play it and get ready to retire.

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