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Ashes of Creation is a project that proudly promises to bring something new to the MMORPG genre: full-fledged sandbox features. The game is being developed by an independent studio from California Intrepid Studios on Unreal Engine 4, and the ashes of Creation can be attributed to medieval fantasy.

Ashes of Creation will feature a dynamic and smooth world structure that responds to the player's actions. For example, cities will grow or fall depending on how users change the history of the world. The world's inhabitants (NPC) are created in real-time: these are the population of cities, ordinary passers-by who will appear and disappear depending on political strife and intrigue.

Land development and research are entirely open to players. You can become a pioneer in exploring the depths of the desert, build your dream home or become a plowman, growing the necessary resources. Homeowners can develop their land in any direction: agriculture, animal husbandry, blacksmithing, and others. It is also permitted to become a feudal lord by purchasing a plot within a village and slowly watching the investment multiply and form a city.

As conceived by the developers, Quests should combine the best elements of traditional MMOs and some unique features. For example, they will be divided into three types: quests for zones (probably story), public quests, and quest chains that change dynamically in real time based on the player's choice. Thus, it will be possible to directly influence events and change the landscape for everyone and oneself. Server quests will allow political rivals to compete for the world's fate.

Among other features, it is worth noting the usual MMORPG elements for everyone, such as: crafting and gathering with the help of a large number of professions; PvP in specific areas; castle sieges using various techniques; caravans created by players and requiring protection of all along the way; as well as trade.

And, although the developers' promises have long become something ordinary, not inspiring confidence in the players, you always want to hope for the best. You probably expect this from the new Intrepid Studios project - Ashes of Creation.

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