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Asker: The Light Swallowers is a new online Action/MO game developed by Neowiz, one of the leading Korean companies. In the local medieval world, players will have to join a secret society, on behalf of which they will fight the forces of evil and investigate various anomalous phenomena.

We are promised a spectacular and dynamic non-target combat system with combos and grabs, as well as difficult bosses to defeat, which you will have to work on tactics. The developers are trying to make the world as realistic as possible, paying great attention to the interactivity and physics of the environment; for example, you can break walls and doors and interact with objects.

For their game, Neowiz CRS created an entirely new engine that allows you to create amazingly detailed and vibrant graphics and excellent plasticity of characters. So Asker: The Light Swallowers has every chance to become a competitor to AAA projects of its genre, such as Vindictus and C9.

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