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ASTA Remaster game overview

ASTA Remaster
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: December 1, 2018
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unreal Engine 3
Polygon Games
Free to Play

ASTA Remaster is an ambitious MMORPG for PC targeting the global market, developed by the innovative team at Supertree. This game is a remastered version of the previously closed game Asta, which struggled to maintain its player base due to its relatively standard features that failed to distinguish it from other titles in the genre. Supertree aims to address these shortcomings by incorporating cutting-edge blockchain technology, ensuring that every item in the game holds real-world value. Players can trade these items on the PlayDapp platform, earning NFT tokens from their sales, which can later be exchanged for real money, adding an exciting new dimension to the gameplay experience.

Although ASTA Remaster's release date remains unconfirmed, the anticipation surrounding its launch is palpable within the gaming community. The development team has been working diligently on the project for over two years, aiming to create a compelling experience for both seasoned MMORPG enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Supertree is focusing on incorporating player feedback to refine the game, ensuring a balanced and engaging experience. The game will be available on multiple platforms, including PC, with potential expansions to consoles and mobile devices in the future.

With a daily player base estimated to reach tens of thousands upon release, ASTA Remaster aims to capture a significant portion of the MMORPG market. The developers are expecting to build a robust community, with annual player counts projected to be in the millions. Since the game's announcement, it has garnered considerable attention, amassing a substantial pre-registration list and a growing fanbase eagerly awaiting further updates.

As we delve into the world of ASTA Remaster, it becomes evident that Supertree is striving to breathe new life into a once-forgotten title. The integration of blockchain technology is a notable innovation, promising to add real-world value to in-game items, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience. The ability to trade items for NFT tokens and subsequently convert them into real money is a game-changer, potentially setting a new standard for future MMORPGs.

However, the game is not without its challenges. The lack of a confirmed release date and detailed information about new features leaves potential players in suspense. Furthermore, the initial failure of the original Asta raises questions about whether the remastered version can overcome past shortcomings and deliver a unique experience that stands out in a crowded market.

Overall, we believe ASTA Remaster has the potential to become a noteworthy addition to the MMORPG genre. While it may not yet be among the top-tier games, its innovative approach and commitment to player engagement are commendable. Based on its current standing and potential, we rate ASTA Remaster at 65 out of 100.

What is the main feature of ASTA Remaster?

The main feature of ASTA Remaster is its integration of blockchain technology, allowing in-game items to have real-world value, which can be traded for NFT tokens and later exchanged for real money.

Who is developing ASTA Remaster?

ASTA Remaster is being developed by Supertree, the same team responsible for the original Asta game.

When will ASTA Remaster be released?

As of now, there is no confirmed release date for ASTA Remaster.

On which platforms will ASTA Remaster be available?

ASTA Remaster will be available on PC, with potential expansions to consoles and mobile devices in the future.

Game information last update: 11.05.2024

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