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Astaria is a fantasy MMORPG with a focus on social, crafting, group battles, territory capture and player versus developer (PvD) battles.

Of course, while this is all only “on paper”, that is, in early access, but the PlayAstaria team promises regular updates and a release at the end of 2019. Also, in addition to the above features, Astaria has hardcore aspects: a weight system, high difficulty, item loss (in case of death or breakdown), the inability to become the strongest, as happens in some MMORPGs, and much more.

But the most interesting, in our opinion, seems to be the players versus developers (PvD) format, where the authors of the project act as “dungeon masters” like in a board game. Depending on the actions of users, the world will change: creatures will begin to behave differently, factions may suddenly attack the capital, be destroyed, and so on.

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