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Review of the game Astonia 3

Today, projects like Astonia III appear with enviable constancy, despite their poor quality. Similar games have already been mentioned more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Against the backdrop of such disgusting projects, good games look even better, respectively, this further increases their popularity. Perhaps it is precisely to create such a contrast that games like Astonia III are needed.

Project Features

The game features simple graphics with two-dimensional isometry, as well as banal fantasy gameplay. Despite this, the creators of Astonia III did not hesitate to demand a subscription fee of up to $10 from users. And this is for the game of 2002, which continues to exist to this day! However, there were such strange gamers who pay a subscription fee, otherwise the project would not exist at all. What is the reason that Astonia III is still played? Maybe we don't understand something and the original gameplay is hidden behind a simple picture? Or maybe there are very interesting and not beaten quests in the game? Let's take a closer look.

Astonia III offers as many as three classes, including a warrior, a mage, and a mixture of the first character with the second. That is, there is no diversity. It would be better if a traditional archer was added instead of a third class. Unfortunately, the third class is generally available only to those who have needed a month in the trial mode. The situation is further aggravated by the complete absence of PvP mode in the game. Therefore, in Astonia III there are only merciless and meaningless grinds. In such a situation, guilds look very absurd, since they are simply not needed here. Probably, the developers have provided guilds for joint grinding. However, even without a guild, no one forbids joining groups.

General impression

Thus, Astonia III leaves a terrible impression. Here we see a combination of the highest degree of insanity, greed and lack of thought of the developers. As a result, Astonia III is a real torture for the psyche and eyes of any self-respecting gamer. And yes, you have to pay to get in!

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