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Astonia Reborn is an MMORPG that was created with an eye on old-soul players who caught the time of the project of the same name in the mid-2000s. Developers from Intent Software modestly position their project as a "small 2D MMO". Perhaps this is so, because there are only two main character archetypes in the game: the Warrior and the Mage, and the graphic component of the project, it seems, is not far from that same project of the 2000s of the same name.

The main activity in the game, as in any other diablo-like hack'n'slash, is to clear locations from mobs. Upon reaching level 25, users have access to a quest chain, completing which you can take a new, third class Seyan Du - a mixture of mage and warrior. Taking a new class restarts the player's progress, offering him to play the game again, but with this archetype.

The game has PvP, but only in certain areas. It can be both free and clan, with raids on other guilds. The mass battles here are similar to the sieges that were present in the first part of Lineage - fogs of special effects and a continuous mess of players behind whom nothing is visible except life bars and nicknames.

In general, people who want to indulge in a touch of nostalgia and remember the days of the first Diablo and Nox, Astonia Reborn will definitely be to your taste. The only pity is that the official server of the game was closed, but don't be upset, a large number of vanilla servers were launched by the fans, some of them even released a new class.

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