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Asura Force
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Review of the game Asura Force

Asura Force is a fairly typical mid-range Chinese game. It is characterized by weak graphics, poor sound and generally a lot of flaws. If you game was released ten years ago, then all this would be even more forgivable. And so the Asura Force project was launched in 2012, although in appearance it looks much older. You can read more about this Chinese creation on the MMOTOP.ORG website. Performed game in traditional Asian acid style. Everything, including the characters, looks very colorful and bright here.

Game features

The characters in the game are pretty typical. There are also quite a few options for editing the image of the hero - there are five options for hairstyles and five options for the face. As for the classes, there are also five of them - a warrior, a hunter, a ranger, a healer and a wizard.

The only attraction in the game is the unique ability to turn the hero into monsters and even serious bosses. However, this feature was left only for the site, while it is absent in the game itself. Thank God, Asura Force has a PvP mode, which can be available in two versions - the battle for the city and PK. There is only one city in the game, in the battles for which two guilds can participate. As for the rest of the players, they have to look at all this from the outside and mentally support one of the parties.

The official site contains all the detailed information on how to behave during a siege and how best to carry it out. The only question that is nowhere to be answered is why. Although, if you are a fan of such Chinese toys, then such a trifle should not bother you. And what are the whims here, because the siege here is the only option for large-scale battles.

For the lazy

Interestingly, for lazy players, Asura Force offers a completely legal bot that can destroy monsters for you. By the way, he copes quite well with all the grind that is present in the game. For those who do not want to play at all, but only want to develop, an offline leveling system is provided. True, in order to activate it, you will have to visit a store where you can buy points for pumping and for improving weapons and armor for real money.

Of course, all this significantly spoils the already far from ideal balance, but this does not bother anyone. That is, you can generally enter the game once a week and at the same time continue to develop. Therefore, Asura Force can be considered the most typical example of how you can pay for a game and still not play it.

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