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Asura Online
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Asura Online, released by the Chinese company Tencent Games, belongs to the Action MMORPG genre with a non-target combat system and is similar in many ways to Diablo 3. Asura focuses primarily on cooperative play. After creating a character and choosing one of six classes, the player goes into the world and completes quests, destroying crowds of mobs. You can't expect unique features from the game - it offers a set of items, dungeons, and portals that is standard for this genre unless the plot component is surprisingly well done.

It is worth noting the interactivity of the environment. For example, if you throw a lit torch on the ground, you can burn down an entire field, which will not pass without a trace for you: local peasants will hate you fiercely. Or if you shoot your arrow through the fire, it will become incendiary and can deal additional damage. There are many such combinations in the game. Asura has PvP as well as a crafting system. Although not striking with something unusual, the graphics are pretty up to par.

Asura Online has already been released in China and the West, but not going yet. However, there is an opinion that few people need it in Europe.

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