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Atlantica Online
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Overview of the game Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online, as a project that came out from the pen of Korean developers, immediately makes you want to put yourself in a corner with other Korean games that everyone is already tired of and does not differ significantly from each other, like the Koreans themselves, for Europeans. However, despite the presence in the game of characteristic Asian colors and the abundance of kawaii characters, the game still has its essence and core.


To begin with, it should immediately be noted why the word Atlantica appears in the title. The game's action occurred when the famous "Atlantis" was not considered fiction, primarily when this story was heard from the lips of the Atlanteans.

So, the Atlanteans created a magical substance called "Orichalcum," which endowed those who drank it with incredible strength and abilities. It is not difficult to guess that there was insufficient material for everyone, and a conflict naturally unleashed, which grew into a confrontation. Something similar is familiar to MMOTOP.ORG users from the Bioshock game because there was also a similar substance called "adam."


More than one hundred years have passed since the beginning of the bloody war, so we will have to pay for the descendants of those same Atlanteans who were so greedily drawn to the elixir.

The game offers us to go through a rather difficult path. Having gained experience and gathered a group of warriors and squires under our wing, we will have to unravel this dark secret and find out how Atlantis fell after all.

This journey promises to be exciting and enjoyable. This is facilitated by a mentoring system that is successfully integrated into the game and allows you to solve all the problems with bullying noobs. More experienced players receive significant bonuses for helping beginners select equipment and complete quests. It is this system that avoids most of the social conflicts that arise between newbies and "folders" in most MMOs.

Combat system

The ethics of relationships certainly deserves attention. However, Atlantica Online is famous not only because of this moment. The project has earned its popularity thanks to an exciting and familiar to us from the Heroes of Might and Magic series of games. A vivid combination of real-time and turn-based battles. All movements worldwide take place in real time, but the competitions already allow you to think through our actions step-by-step.

For each turn, we can perform one action, and the player often fights not alone (up to eight characters under AI control). A necessary condition for victory is the balance of your team. It would be best if you chose the right group of magicians, healers, tanks, warriors, and archers. There is even such a class as a guitarist in the game. Agree. Torturing the enemy to death is pretty funny by performing musical compositions.


We have nine classes to choose from in the game, but perhaps the most interesting one becomes available after any other type reaches level 100. The class is called "maniac" and was created to eliminate the feeling of boredom and routine of the game among the old-timers. A feature of the Maniac is that he can make a real mess on the battlefield. And this is not an exaggeration because his primary weapon is a chainsaw!


It is worth noting that the game tries in every possible way to get away from the monotonous grind mode. And this means we do not have to carry out several hundred identical battles with the same type of opponents. The fact is that when gaining experience, our troops also get tired, losing stamina, and this obliges us to do other things in the game, by the way, no less important. Thus, the annoying grind is practically not dull.


The PvP aspect of the game is excellent, and this is good news. We can participate in all sorts of competitions or even aim at factional wars in which we must storm entire cities. If you are shoulder to shoulder with members of your guild, you still manage to capture the castle. You will receive cool bonuses and the opportunity to establish your state, which makes your possibilities limitless.


Thus, Atlantica Online gives us fresh air, denying all the usual foundations of standard MMOs. It is pretty friendly to beginners and discards the monotonous gameplay. Adding to everything a chic combat system, we can safely call this product unique in its genre.

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