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Atom Universe is a theme park simulation where you can trade and talk with other players. A team of six developers created a world somewhat reminiscent of Second Life, but with an emphasis on attractions.

In the first version, three rides will be available to players: Minikart Race - go-kart races with a set of different tracks, Shooting Gallery - something like a shooting range with holograms and Motor Stunts - cross-country buggy races with stunts and rewards. In addition, players will be given the opportunity to communicate and meet through the use of a central hub. If users are interested in the game, then a golf course, roller coasters, robot battles, water races and the mysterious Ghost Train mode will be added to the attractions.

Players in the Atom Universe can not only develop their characters, but also complete group tasks, communicate with other users and possess various items. The control system and the social component of the game borrowed from Second Life. It's nice that the project is based on Unreal Engine 4, and this guarantees a good visualization of the picture.

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