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Audition 2 – Online Dancing
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Review of the game Audition 2 - Online Dancing

All fans of the anime genre are already tired of many modern games. They are very tired of different strategies, shooters or RPGs. Therefore, if you belong to this category of gamers who calmly react to kawaii nyashes and creatures with big eyes, then Audition 2 will seem like the best option for you to relax and unwind.

This project, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, will surely appeal to all fans of anime. It features an interesting and attractive game world. It has many exciting parties, festivals, competitions, after-parties and much more. At the same time, despite such a pronounced casualness, this game can drag out no less than Battlefield 3 or something like that.

Game Features

When you start the game Audition 2 - Online Dancing, you can immediately note the excellent graphics, which are great for multiplayer games. In the game you are waiting for pleasant and benevolent heroes and heroines, made in anime style.

They are not engaged in the liberation of the worlds from universal evil, they do not fight monsters and do not destroy various animals. These bright characters are just dancing. Moreover, the whole process is so well animated that it all looks very professional and beautiful.

It is clear that the whole gameplay here is based on dancing. With the help of dancing, you can find jewelry, win competitions and lotteries, take part in photo shoots, or even challenge them to a duel. In addition, using dances, you can even fight alien creatures and defeat witches.

Game modes

The game includes 15 different game modes. For example, here you can dance not only on your own, but also in pairs. You can even participate in serious team competitions, engage in fashion shows, arrange clan dance battles. In these competitions, it will be possible to use "attack", "defense" and other components. If you successfully complete the stage of dancing together, then you can then remain a permanent couple, and later complete a virtual marriage. It is in this way that virtual acquaintances are made in this game, which then go beyond the scope of this dance game and move into real life.

In addition to traditional dances, the project also contains very interesting unusual tasks, for example, "Witch Attack", where you will need to fulfill all the wishes of an evil old woman so that she does not turn your character into a chicken and a rabbit.

Among other things, the game has the ability to create dance clubs, as well as join already created ones. Such a diverse and interesting gameplay attracts players from all over the world. Today, more than a hundred professional teams have already been created. They fight for the first places in the overall ranking, which in itself is very honorable. This is how they become world famous in this virtual dance world.


The developers of Audition 2 want to keep up with the times, and therefore they are constantly trying to replenish the track list with the most popular tracks from leading European artists. An important element of the gameplay is shopping, without which this game would be hard to imagine. There are so many outfits here that any gamer can admire. Some of the fair sex in general can forget about the main essence of the game, being carried away by the choice of outfit.


All in all, Audition 2 - Online Dance can be considered an original online game in a completely new format. At the same time, it can appeal not only to women, but also to men. Of course, playing this interesting game, you need to remember that the dances here are virtual, and therefore you should not forget about dancing in real life.

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