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Aura Kingdom 2 game overview

Aura Kingdom 2
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: April 1, 2020
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
X-Legend Entertainment
Free to Play

Aura Kingdom 2 is a free-to-play fantasy 3D MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment, the creative minds behind the original Aura Kingdom. Released in April 2020, Aura Kingdom 2 builds upon its predecessor by enhancing fast-paced gameplay, significantly improving graphics, and introducing new creatures, offering players an even more immersive experience. The game is available across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and PC, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of players.

One of the standout features of Aura Kingdom 2 is its extensive customization options. Players can design their characters with unique attributes, such as cat ears on their foreheads, glasses on their chins, and wings emerging from unconventional places. This level of customization allows for a personalized gaming experience that appeals to a diverse audience. The game also includes four classic classes, comprehensive grouping functions, and robust guild support, enhancing the social aspect of gameplay.

The development of Aura Kingdom 2 took approximately two years, with a dedicated team of developers striving to create a game that would appeal to both new players and veterans of the original Aura Kingdom. Targeting the global MMORPG market, the game has garnered a substantial player base, with an estimated 500,000 daily active users, 10 million annual players, and a total player base of over 30 million since its release.


Aura Kingdom 2 impresses with its visually stunning graphics and extensive customization options, which set it apart from many other MMORPGs. The game's fast-paced combat and seamless world exploration provide an engaging experience for players. However, the game does have its drawbacks. Some players have noted that the in-game economy can feel unbalanced, with a heavy emphasis on microtransactions. Additionally, while the game offers a rich array of customization options, the core gameplay mechanics may feel repetitive over time. Overall, Aura Kingdom 2 stands out as a solid MMORPG with room for improvement, earning a score of 65 out of 100.

What platforms is Aura Kingdom 2 available on?

Aura Kingdom 2 is available on iOS, Android, and PC.

When was Aura Kingdom 2 released?

The game was released in April 2020.

How many players does Aura Kingdom 2 have?

Aura Kingdom 2 has an estimated 500,000 daily active users, 10 million annual players, and a total player base of over 30 million since its release.

What are the main features of Aura Kingdom 2?

Main features include extensive character customization, four classic classes, grouping functions, and guild support.
Game information last update: 01.03.2024

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