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Overview of the game Avataria

Avataria is a project aimed at a female audience with an emphasis on arranging their own homes and constant parties. The game is like a mix of Fashionistas and The Sims, where users can compete against each other in different mini-games.

Each avatar created by the local editor of "avatars" appears in the world without a court and stake, for this reason, at first you will have to travel to other people's parties and earn with your sweat to equip your own home and expand your wardrobe. Having taken up the performance of various tasks, you can gradually earn money, in order to then climb the social ladder higher and have parties yourself.

The game also has an indicator of housing comfort, and the higher it is, the more difficult quest tasks you will be given, but the reward will also increase. Among other things, there is a whole virtual town with its clubs, shops, parks and cafes. And the more acquaintances your avatar gets, the more authority it will have. And there, who knows, maybe someone will want to play a wedding with you? At first, of course, virtual, but at such a pace, it’s not far from reality ...

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