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AWPlanet game review

AWPlanet - MMORPG sci-fi game developed in russia (the terrorist state), which takes place on a distant planet in a distant universe. Game remoteness from civilization affects local landscapes and their drawing.

But what is remarkable?

However, this forgotten little world has everything: from modern technology to all sorts of mystical mysterious antiquities. The created character will live his life with you. What he will be, with what character, what he will do - depends only on the player. By the way, everything related to the development of characters is done and worked out much better than the graphics. Development is the pumping of various skills: physical, social, intellectual. The world itself is quite large, has several zones with available PvP.

Why is it worth playing?

Every step in the world is full of uncertainty and unknown. Developing strength, martial arts and intelligence, you can confront various monsters or explore ancient secrets.

The game does not require a sophisticated computer and a high-speed Internet line, so the traffic will be inexpensive. The game, with all its rich content, is completely free, with the exception of some additional chips. All this rich variety of modern gamers is not very interesting because of its graphics. Current gamers prefer more colorful and high-quality projects, and do not particularly pay attention to a small distant planet called AWPlanet.

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