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AxEAlliance vs Empire
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AxE game review

AxE (Alliance X Empire) is the brainchild of the Korean company Nexon GT in the MMORPG/Action genre for mobile phones. The project offers a beautiful open fantasy world, a lot of instanced dungeons, the ability to craft equipment, a bit of a storyline and of course a huge number of nyashes.

Classes in the game are gender-linked and are represented by six characters, these are Titan - a fully tanky male hero, Warrior - something in between a tank and a damage dealer, Blader - a girl with a giant sword, chopping enemies to pieces, Mage - a classic version of loli -sorceresses, the Archer - dealing damage from afar and the Guardian - the female version of the tank. You will have to fight both with monsters and giant bosses, and with players. The combat system is implemented on the principle of non-target, that is, without target selection.

AxE is based on the faction system, of which there are two in the game - the Alliance and the Empire. Various PvP events have been announced, including Penetration and Capture. In addition, free PK zones are expected.

AxE (Alliance X Empire) is a promising Korean novelty. Among the competitors, it is distinguished by beautiful graphics (Unity 5), an open world and the presence of a full-fledged PvP.

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