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Aztec is a browser-based MMORPG with a turn-based combat system that tells us about the ancient people of North America. At one time, the game was quite popular due to beautiful animation, the absence of pink elves and sluggish battles, but a few years later it itself became similar to such projects, as it was visually outdated.

The first minutes of the Aztec game evoked the atmosphere of the once great and mighty Aztec empire. Cruel rituals saturated with fanaticism and mysticism, insane and terrible Gods, an aggressive attitude towards other tribes - everything was displayed in this game. Another plus, besides the atmosphere, could be called the combat of the game.

Here the player was waiting for a large number of different tricks, allowing you to form your own, unique tactics. I even had to think, because by freezing the enemy, the next fire spell could melt him, and throwing an oil pot and then a fireball, made it possible to arrange a roast out of enemies, and so on. Such combinations in Aztec were not uncommon and there were more than a dozen of them. Many were not even opened by users.

In general, the lack of dull locations, the ability to think, interesting combat, rich graphics and almost endless replayability of MMORPG Aztec turned out to be unnecessary. Instead, a layer of modern browsers has come, taking the audience with naked elves, automatic combat and more beautiful graphics. All this indicates that the former audience has grown a long time ago, and the new generation seems to need nothing more.

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