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Azulgar: Beyond the Frontiers
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Review of the game Azulgar: Beyond the Frontiers

Azulgar is a fantasy MMO released by Lusorion Creatives, a small Czech studio previously working on indie projects. The authors clearly realized that the number of competitors is simply off scale and it is necessary to surprise the consumer with something.

Combat system

They decided to swing the pendulum towards a non-target hardcore combat system, similar to Gothic and Skyrim. This means that fights are no longer just about keystrokes with abilities. Melee characters will have to dodge and block, while shooters and mages need to learn how to aim.


In the world of Azulgar, danger lies in wait for you everywhere. PvP is available absolutely everywhere, and your consent to the duel is not required, and rogues and marauders will often use this, because when you die, there is a chance that valuable items will fall out of your inventory (if they are not insured).

Called hardcore, the project simply had to give the player the opportunity to capture castles. All this is there, but with a slight difference. The castles in the game are the guilds themselves, in the allotted territories, and the owners have the right to set taxes for local retail chains.


An interesting feature, close to real events, are illnesses. Our character can get sick in the most direct way. Moreover, they are developing, i.e. picking up a small illness and leaving it unattended, we risk getting an almost fatal illness in the future. Or, it happens even vice versa, some diseases in the future can form a number of pleasant bonus buffs. All these events give rise to an entire in-game industry related to medicines and concoctions.

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