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BasketDudes game overview

Game genre: MMO Sports
Available regions:
Game setting: Sports
Release date: October 1, 2011
Game class / Title: C
Game engine Unknown
Bitoon Games
Free to Play

BasketDudes is an engaging, cartoony browser-based basketball game that offers players the unique opportunity to build and manage their own teams in full-fledged matches. Developed by the creative minds at Bitoon Games, BasketDudes was released on October 12, 2011, and is supported on various platforms including PC and Mac. The game allows players to customize everything from the team logo to the colors of the jerseys, making team creation a highly personalized experience.

Each team in BasketDudes can accommodate up to 15 basketball players, each characterized by their towering height and comically large heads. Players must strategically substitute their team members during matches as fatigue impacts their accuracy, running speed, and overall performance. The game places a strong emphasis on player skill, requiring direct control over passing, rebounding, and scoring baskets, making it ideal for those who enjoy skill-based sports games.

Despite its humorous exterior, BasketDudes is a deep and intricate basketball simulator with managerial elements that rivals many sports simulators on personal computers. The game was developed over the course of two years, aiming to capture the interest of both casual gamers and basketball enthusiasts. With an estimated daily player base of around 20,000 and an impressive yearly player count surpassing 7 million, BasketDudes has cultivated a robust community of dedicated players. Since its release, the game has amassed a player base of approximately 50 million players worldwide.

Review by MMOTOP.ORG

BasketDudes is an intriguing blend of humor and strategic gameplay. The customization options are extensive, allowing for a high degree of personalization which is a major plus. However, the game's graphics, while charming, may not appeal to everyone, particularly those who prefer more realistic sports simulators. The gameplay mechanics are solid, offering a good balance between skill and strategy. One area where BasketDudes could improve is in its matchmaking system, which can sometimes pair players of vastly different skill levels. Overall, BasketDudes is a fun and engaging game that stands out in the browser-based sports game genre.

Our overall rating for BasketDudes is 65 out of 100. While it may not be a top-tier MMO, its unique charm and solid gameplay mechanics make it a worthwhile experience for basketball fans and casual gamers alike.


What platforms is BasketDudes available on?

BasketDudes is available on PC and Mac.

When was BasketDudes released?

BasketDudes was released on October 12, 2011.

How many players can be on a team in BasketDudes?

Each team can have up to 15 players.

Who developed BasketDudes?

BasketDudes was developed by Bitoon Games.

How popular is BasketDudes?

BasketDudes has an estimated daily player base of 20,000, a yearly player count of over 7 million, and a total player base of approximately 50 million since its release.

Game information last update: 06.04.2024

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