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Overview of the game BasketDudes

BasketDudes is a cartoony browser-based basketball game that gives players the opportunity to build and build their own team in full-fledged matches. When creating a team, you will have to edit everything from the logo to the colors of the T-shirts, so this task should be approached responsibly.

Each team can accommodate up to 15 basketball players who, in addition to being tall, have a huge head. All of them must be changed during the game, because tired players have reduced accuracy, running speed, and so on. We also steer the team ourselves, give passes when necessary, make rebounds and score goals in the basket. A lot here will depend on your directness, so if you like games where skill decides, then BasketDudes should definitely like it.

In general, BasketDudes, although it looks funny, but under this shell hides an interesting, deep basketball simulator with managerial elements that can give odds to many sports simulators for personal computers.

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