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BatMUD is a text based MMORPG that is over 25 years old! During this time, more than 200 thousand users managed to play it, but at the moment there are about 200 people online. Having a fantasy setting with the absence of any graphics, she tried to take the audience with content and she succeeded, the developers were able to invent as many as 44 races!

The gameplay is also diluted with crafting, building ships, houses and even cities. Everything, of course, is in the form of tables, so only your imagination serves as a graphic component here. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to play BatMUD, because against the background of modern games, the project looks like a kind of "dinosaur". So remembering the times of the ZX Spectrum or wanting to see what your gamer fathers used to amuse their free time, only you can give this game a new life.

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