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Battle Abyss Online
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Battle Abyss Online (BAO) is a fast paced arcade game with RPG elements set in a Sci-Fi setting. The action in the game takes place at the dawn of the XXII century, when the conquest of space by man began with might and main. The main differences from their counterparts in Battle Abyss Online are unobtrusive gameplay, simple pumping, high dynamism and an easy entry threshold, allowing even beginners to feel comfortable.

The battles in BAO are quite simple, after visiting their hangar, the user joins a kind of lobby that distributes players on both sides of the conflict, after which the "mess" begins. The map also contains various objects that can be used to hide, these are space debris, artifacts of alien origin, asteroids of various sizes.

At the end of the battle, even in case of loss, all users receive the necessary experience and money. You can fight on ships of all stripes and colors: sniper ships, reconnaissance ships, assault models and, of course, clumsy cruisers.

In general, the gameplay of Battle Abyss Online sometimes resembles World of Tanks, where you also need to upgrade a certain branch, repair your tank and purchase the necessary equipment. Perhaps part of the gameplay was borrowed from there, but who cares about this when we have a completely different setting in front of us, and even in a browser format.

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