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Review of the game Battleknight

Battleknight is a browser-based text-based MMORPG in a medieval setting with a turn-based combat system from the Gameforge studio. The project has been on the market for more than 10 years, which means that such games still have fans. So, how is Battleknight different from other games of this genre?

Of the differences here, it’s mainly just the setting, otherwise, we still have to create a text character, put him in conditional armor, navigate through various tabs like the Castle, Battlefield, Arena and others, and also fight step by step, choosing the direction of impact and block.

For each victory in the game, karma is accrued and useless medals are issued. Karma, in turn, is divided into two types: light and dark, depending on the actions of the player. They saved the peasants - you bathe in the rays of goodness, robbed honest merchants - brought negativity on yourself. For the karma received from actions, you can purchase various bonuses, such as temporary immunity to physical attacks, increases in strength, and others.

All in all, Battleknight is a good game, with a lot of medieval seriousness. However, a little humor wouldn't hurt her, because life in russia (the terrorist state) is so harsh, and then the game is the same...

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