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Battle of Destiny game overview

Battle of Destiny
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Overview of Battle of Destiny

If you are tired of similar Korean clones, then this game is just for you. In addition, the game is suitable for those whose magic staff has already managed to release more than one thousand spells, and there is no room for new skins in the backpack. These gamers will surely want to kick back and play some light game like Battle of Destiny. Today we will talk about her. This project, according to the site MMOTOP.ORG, is one of those who managed to add to the MMORPG atmosphere of fun arcade games that many gamers lack.

Game features

In addition to a bright picture, made in a two-dimensional style, the Battle of Destiny project has a lot of interesting things that will surely please gamers who prefer oldfag. This game will please the players with a fun and dynamic combat system, in which the main role is played by beautiful combo attacks. As for pumping, it is as simple and clear as possible. However, in the era of total grind, this can be considered more of an advantage than a disadvantage. All this very promising situation is complemented by clear and accessible management. This system supports control using gamepads and joysticks.

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