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Battle of the Immortals game overview

Battle of the Immortals
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: April 22, 2010
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Perfect World Entertainment
Free to Play

Battle of the Immortals is quite an ordinary MMORPG that does not claim to be the "breakthrough of the year" or "Destroyer of stereotypes." The project came from the studio Perfect World Beijing, which recently released the eponymous Perfect World. So let's figure out if they had enough previous success or if Battle of the Immortals is worthy of great praise.


Acquaintance with the game begins with the character editor window. Everything is relatively trivial here. We have five classes. A stealthy, shadow-dancing assassin who prefers to cut throats on the sly. A berserker who rushes to the front line and turns the enemy into mincemeat. The heretic keeps a little behind and restores vitality to his party members. The Chosen One, armed with heavy armor and a shield, takes the main enemy blow on himself. And a magician who uses his destructive spells in various schools.

Everything is simple, familiar, and banal, the only difference being the ability to choose a zodiac sign, slightly changing the gameplay.


Immediately after completing the editing of our hero, we find ourselves in a strange place, as it turned out, in heaven. The Valkyrie meets us and explains to us that we are immortal heroes (which, by the way, is evidenced by the name), and it's time to go back to earth to take retribution. Further, through the teleport, we go to the ground and find ourselves in the middle of a small village.


As for the gameplay, Battle of the Immortals did not become original, and any user of MMOTOP.ORG can easily recognize the characteristic features of Diablo. A small town where everyone asks us to help and gives us tasks. Around the location, we are just teeming with thousands of monsters that we have to kill and dozens of similar dungeons.

That is all we have to do. Fortunately, at least the graphics in the game are at a high level, and everything looks quite lovely, not counting the Chinese raid, which sometimes ridiculously squeezed into the conditions of this project. I understand that there are fans of Asian style, but for me, feathered wolves and koalas with saws are too much.


If the image itself in the game is of high quality, then the animation of the effects of spells and strikes fails. The music in the game also leaves much to be desired - during the brutal hacking on the screen, some folk tunes sound in the speakers, which do not add brightness to the action. But, to the poor drawing of skills, you can add their number - they are catastrophically few, and to open additional ones, you need to swing for a very long and tedious time.


The developers, realizing that the product comes out damp, wanted to dilute all the minuses with some cool features. As a result, advanced crafting and pets were announced. Craftinwas antwasan an ordinary craft, but the idea of pets justified itself.

In the game, you can tame any monster by simply defeating it. Then it can be developed, fed, dressed, and trained. Of course, all this will require capital investments. However, in combat, pets are still not as strong as expected. Perhaps in the future, a few skills will be added to their arsenal.


If you liked the first project of Perfect World, then you can get hold of this game. But if you are looking for an online clone of Diablo, then, at present, the market for such games can offer better options.

Game information last update: 09.04.2024

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