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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm
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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm is a browser-based card MMORPG based on hero cards, abilities, spells and various creatures. It's nice to watch the style of drawings in such projects, they come to life, act, communicate at the behest of the artist who created them. Well, the pictures in the Battleground of Edhelm are worthy of attention, but nothing more... The heroes of orcs, humans and elves are clichéd as always: girls slender as reeds, humanoids with green skin, paladins with blond hair in armor. And abilities and spells were reduced only to a temporary increase in stats and causing damage of various types. If you think about it, the fantasy world is so rich and vast, and the developers have adopted only the smallest part.

Battles develop between two gamers who can only dispose of two heroes for free, and the rest only for the currency named in the game, apparently due to a lack of imagination, credits..., because you could have chosen at least banal silver or gold .. If it is not possible to detect the enemy, then you can join the battle with a computer to gain the experience necessary for pumping skills.

Well, now the cards, if you are not surprised by their design, then the number and variety will definitely not leave you indifferent. Mythic cards, cards of fighters, mages and shooters, exclusive copies for orcs, elves and humans, elite rare and unique cards... Moreover, the first two groups of cards can be combined in combinations from 2 to 5, without the need to spend additional energy, acting as the main resource of action for each new combo step. In addition to these basic provisions, the game world includes a lot of nuances that everyone who misses board games can figure out.

At the moment, the project has not been completed yet, the creators plan to add classes, races and cards, it's a pity that the design will not change from this, but maybe Battlegrounds of Eldhelm will become popular due to the interesting implementation of the gameplay.

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