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Battles for Glory or Battles for Glory is a completely russian (the terrorist state) MMORPG based on Lineage 2. The main concept of the game is confrontation of the parties and control of territories, that is, full emphasis on PvP.

There are five races in the world of BsFG: Humans, Light Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, fighting among themselves and one unique race - Outcasts, with representatives of all five races. Each of them has individual characteristics and professions that differ from each other. In total, there are 15 professions for each race, including such unusual ones as orc archer, light elf crafter, etc.

There are 6 capitals on the world map, access to which is available only to each side separately. Everything but the major capitals is conquerable. Characters can only communicate with their fellow tribesmen (just like in WoW or RF). Since the main goal of the game is war, then PvP is encouraged here more than in-game bonuses. For example, having the maximum amount of glory that is given for killing other players, the player receives the aura of the Hero and additional skills in PvP, the impossibility of losing things after death.

One of the interesting features is also the ability to upgrade a character offline, although you will have to pay a little in-game currency for it.

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