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Bella Online
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Review of the game Bella Online

The game Bella Online is a bright colorful MMORPG, which is more intended for the fair sex. This is immediately evident in the large number of female characters and just feminine characters. There are huge wardrobes and many details that will surely appeal to the female audience. The project is made in anime style, and therefore it has a lot of bright colorful elements, extravagant hairstyles and huge beautiful eyes.

Gameplay Features

Bella Online was developed by a Taiwanese professional studio based on their own Chameleon platform. The result is a great anime mmorpg with great graphics. The game provides for the main 6 classes of characters, which, when pumping, can go into various subclasses. At the same time, there are no restrictions on weapons. You can check all the features of the classification of characters and weapons in Bella Online on the MMOTOP.ORG website.

Soul Crystals

The formation of sub-classes occurs due to the Soul Crystals, which join the base class at every 10th level. In total, each hero can include 8 of these Crystals. Each of them allows the player to get one unique skill and six combat skills. In total, Bella Online players are offered more than a hundred such Crystals, which in total provide more than 300 skills.

Some Crystals have the ability to combine into one. For example, the player can fuse an Assassin with a Berserker, resulting in a Berserker with strong stealth skills. In the event that you connect stones with the same skills, then the power of these skills will increase.

Marital skills

An interesting phenomenon in the game was the so-called marriage skills, thanks to which the creators of Bella Online went beyond the usual grind and questing. The system of marriage skills becomes available after the wedding. At the same time, heroes of any gender can marry and marry a husband. At the same time, the skills obtained as a result of this will also differ.


An important advantage of Bella Online is the ability to develop weapons along with the hero. That is, if you like some kind of sword, staff or spear, then you can carry it with you throughout the game and it will improve its quality along with you. The developers assumed that Bella Online would be able to play on various platforms. True, to do this fully on a smartphone does not work. Here you can only communicate with your characters.

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