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Beyond The Destiny
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Overview of the game Beyond The Destiny

Beyond The Destiny is a new sci-fi MMORPG from a small team of domestic developers, which should go into alpha testing in the fall of 2015.

Beyond The Destiny is an open universe MMORPG that combines classic RPG and real-time strategy genres. The player will become a planetary explorer in the distant future of the 22nd century, when the history of mankind suddenly changed after the fall of the debris of an unknown asteroid on our planet.

It is worth noting that the future is not easy for us. The player will become a participant in all sorts of conflicts on various planets related to the struggle for resources. You will have to fight both with other players and with AI-controlled factions of NPCs. An important feature of Beyond The Destiny is the strategic component. The player can not only take part in the battle on behalf of his character, but also remotely control combat units in real time.

In Beyond The Destiny, the player will have to choose their own path, whether it be a builder, a scientist, a trader or a military man. The character development system is based on the use of skills - something in the spirit of Skyrim. You just do what you like and your character learns along with you. The game also features other classic MMORPG systems, such as crafting, upgrading items, and much more.

We will see how it all will look in the fall of 2015, when the game enters the alpha testing stage.

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