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Bitefight is a free-to-play MMORPG for playing in the browser, which tells about the eternal confrontation between two fantasy groups of creatures: vampires and werewolves. All of them are presented here in the form of drawings, and the gameplay is reminiscent of the good old days of Fight Club with its table-and-text battle format and the same movement around the game world.

We start as a representative of one of two races to choose from, and then travel through a huge world filled with an atmosphere of dark fantasy thanks to wonderful art. There are many cities in the game that are peaceful zones and serve solely to take a breath, take a couple of contracts or chat with other players. The path from the city can lead to the cemetery, where by fighting with representatives of the opposite race and all sorts of demons / skeletons / ghouls, experience, gold and items are earned. The same function can boast of caves that act as "dungeons".

As mentioned above, everything in Bitefight is done in a table-and-text format, rich in art, so you won’t see fights as such here. Battles take place turn-based or automatic in both PvE and PvP. You can also leave your character on the hunt for at least the whole day, so that later you can go in and see how much he has pumped.

In general, although the developers of Bitefight “leaked” the concept from the Fight Club, they diluted this business with their own setting and beautiful art, which, compared to a large number of BC clones, noticeably distinguishes it.

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