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Black Corsair Age of Discovery
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Age of Discovery - heartily endowed with strategy RPG elements about pirates and high-profile geographical discoveries that occurred during the sixteenth century. The only ones who knew the secret way through the Strait of Magellan to China and Japan at that time were the Portuguese helmsmen, who diligently kept their secrets from everyone else.

Perhaps that is why the events of the Black Corsair game begin to develop in China under the mellifluous zither, among the subtle silhouettes of pagodas in trading ports. Korean pirates guarding conscientious merchants in the straits, inconspicuous junks in the holds of which are hidden the most delicate silks, insatiable Japanese, like "oriental devils" that have accumulated over the Celestial Empire - everywhere you look, in the game is the romance of the era of sailing ships.

As for the choice of a hero, equipment and arsenal, when starting to play, first of all, you will need to choose who you will become: a military specialist, with a team of the best artillerymen, a master of hand-to-hand combat, who has boarded pirate ships more than once, or maybe you will be interested in the work of a Merchant expert. As soon as you decide on the class, the game will provide you with a ship of not the first freshness, a couple of silver ducats for promotion and a fair wind calling for trouble. And of course, your frigate is given several guns, the best specialists and a lot of cores.

Specialists in the project are also a particularly important resource, the more of them on your vessel, the more efficiently it operates on the sea surface. A certain place is reserved for each specialist on the ship: an observation tower, mast, helmsman, navigation and hold. Over time, a squadron of merchant and warships will be at your disposal. Thus, if initially a naval battle was reduced to a simple side-to-side firefight and boarding, then with an increase in the number of ships, it is necessary to think through tactics and choose a battle formation.

The most exciting thing about Black Corsair is that the further you advance, the more interesting you learn, since the game is diverse and where such browser-based projects crash into the void, then everything is just beginning here. For example, you can become the founder of a guild and, under the whistle of bullets, capture several trading ports in order to receive income from each transaction. It is clear that not everyone is given to get to this level, but membership in a foreign guild can bring fun points when fighting with other players, and there new territories are not far away: the Indian Ocean, the waters of Africa and the coveted Mediterranean Sea - top location, access to which the best of the best players get.

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