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Blade 9
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Blade 9 Review

Blade 9 is another representative of the games in the style of Diablo. It is designed for those who like anime graphics and total grind.

Gameplay Features

The project offers only one race, which includes nine classes at once. These classes are conventionally divided into three categories - tanks, mages and damage dealers. Moreover, each of these categories includes three characters. Otherwise, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, there are no special innovations in Blade 9.

The plot of the project tells about the search for fragments of ancient weapons, which are engaged in rather gloomy characters. Pumping heroes here looks the same as in many similar games. To simplify the combat system, an Autobot was introduced here, which easily consumes all the bottles of mana and health without your participation.


Of course, this game will definitely find its fans, although nothing particularly good can be said about it. If you still decide to play it, then it is best to wear good sunglasses. Otherwise, you won't be able to bear all the riot of colors that the characters use to destroy monsters.

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