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Blade Hunter is a colorful browser-based MMORPG with elements of a fighting game and platformer, made in a fantasy setting with classic dragons, airships and magic for the genre. The project stands out from the background of other browsers precisely with fighting game elements, allowing you to break away on the keyboard.

In Blade Hunter, you can create a series of up to 20 hits by learning only the basics of using skills for your class. There are only three archetypes, this is a knight - brutally cutting everything in its path, a robber - wielding two daggers and a valkyrie - owning magic.

The process of passing is made in the style of a two-dimensional platformer, where the player just needs to move from left to right, destroying monsters, rescuing various oracles and clearing forests with caves from giant mobs. Upon completion of each quest, the user is given a reward and a kind of star rating is assigned, showing how well the level was completed in terms of speed, combat style and combos.

In general, Blade Hunter has everything that a good browser game of this genre needs: an interesting combat system, PvP and PvE content, a rating table, a bunch of quests and a good storyline.

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