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Blade Mistress Returns
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Blade Mistress Returns is a fantasy MMORPG for PC with primitive graphics and the same primitive combat system, as well as a single raid boss for the whole game. Among other things, there are only eight classes available, differing from each other by a pair of polygons, and in terms of combat by a couple of effects. From a distance, it is clear that the developers were trying to recreate something like World of WarCraft or Lineage, but the clumsy Blade Mistress Returns came out.

All attempts to study the surrounding world can end for the player with blood from the eyes, a migraine and the inability to get out of a stupor after seeing the animation, an endless green field without a drop of objects and the mobs themselves attacking with the power of thought. Management in the game also leaves much to be desired and will not succumb even to the most straight-handed, and the latter will first of all begin to break his fists from lack of patience and nerves.

Blade Mistress Returns cannot be compared with anything, and it is recommended to play it only for those who have not even taken Tetris in their hands. Perhaps if there is a hell for gamers, then it is similar to Blade Mistress Returns.

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