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Blade: Sword of Elysion is a mobile project from the Korean studio Four Thirty Three, which is a continuation of another mobile game called Blade: The Age of Blood. And if Age of Blood was available only in Australia and Korea, then Sword of Elysion was published worldwide. Happiness did not last long, only a year, after which the project had to be closed due to unprofitability. But what opportunities did he have?

Firstly, the game offered more than a hundred different levels to pass, which were placed on as much as two gigabytes of memory on your smartphone. Secondly, there were real-time arena battles with up to 10 players. And thirdly, there was a rating table where the strongest in 1v1 battles got to.

In general, when compared, the game could be compared with the same Rise of Darkness, but Sword of Elysion had less capabilities in comparison, which probably led to an outflow of users, because why does the world need a second Rise of Darkness when there is an original?

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