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Blade Wars game overview

Blade Wars
Game genre: MMORPG
Available regions:
Game setting: Fantasy
Release date: July 1, 2009
Game class / Title: B
Game engine Unknown
Free to Play

Blade Wars, developed by the renowned Chinese company ChangYou, stands as a remarkable example of the quality of online projects emerging from China. This pseudo-3D game, reminiscent of the iconic Diablo series, weaves a fascinating world of fantasy and martial arts, drawing players into an epic saga of three opposing races—humans, immortals, and creatures of the abyss—locked in an endless conflict. Launched in 2009, Blade Wars is engineered to run on decade-old hardware, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Despite its modest presentation, the game has secured a loyal player base, especially in its home country, China.

Supported on both Windows and macOS platforms, Blade Wars was developed over a span of three years. The development team, primarily targeting the Chinese market and casual gamers without high-end gaming PCs, invested significant effort into creating a game that balanced accessibility with engaging content. The game boasts a free open PvP mode, which compensates for its dated graphics by introducing an element of unpredictable excitement. Players can explore over fifty uniquely designed locations teeming with mobs that provide valuable experience points and loot.

Daily, Blade Wars attracts approximately 50,000 active players, with an annual participant count reaching around 1.8 million. Over its lifetime, the game has accumulated a player base exceeding 10 million, underscoring its enduring appeal despite its modest presentation and traditional leveling mechanisms. These impressive numbers reflect the game's ability to maintain a devoted community over the years, a testament to its engaging gameplay and well-crafted world.

Game Features

Blade Wars offers a choice of five distinct classes, each associated with one of the three races. Immortals are limited to the warlock class, utilizing powerful magic spells in combat. The creatures of the abyss can be shuras or warriors—shuras are melee fighters who wield brass knuckles, talismans, and claws, while warriors are typical tanks with strong defensive capabilities. Humans have the option of becoming knights or assassins. Knights are formidable masters of edged weapons, while assassins excel with their high movement speed and quick strikes, traditionally employing twin blades in battle.

The game’s free open PvP mode adds a thrilling layer of excitement, though players must remain vigilant, as losing morale after death can result in the loss of valuable items. Blade Wars employs a traditional leveling system with four basic parameters: physique, spirit, physical strength, and endurance. Players have the ability to manually allocate experience points, and skills up to level 40 are acquired from NPC kung fu masters. Beyond level 40, players must seek out special books to advance their skills, which include six different talents—two defensive and four offensive.


While Blade Wars may not be a "next-gen" game, it offers a nostalgic and straightforward MMO experience. Its secondary nature and predictable gameplay can appeal to newcomers to the MMO world or those returning to gaming after a hiatus. For others, its charm lies in its free PvP mode and traditional leveling system.


From the MMOTOP.ORG editorial team, Blade Wars is a mixed bag. On one hand, it offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of early MMOs with its traditional gameplay mechanics and free PvP mode. However, its dated graphics and lack of innovative features may deter more seasoned gamers. The game is best suited for casual players and those new to the MMO genre. Overall, we give Blade Wars a score of 50 out of 100. It’s an average game that serves its purpose but doesn’t break new ground.


What platforms is Blade Wars available on?

Blade Wars is available on Windows and macOS.

When was Blade Wars released?

Blade Wars was released in 2009.

How many players are active in Blade Wars daily?

Approximately 50,000 players are active daily in Blade Wars.

What is the main appeal of Blade Wars?

The main appeal of Blade Wars lies in its free open PvP mode and traditional MMO mechanics.

Game information last update: 03.04.2024

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