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Review of the game Blade Wars

The quality of online projects created in China speaks volumes about the average computer power in that country. Judging by the game Blade Wars, developed by the Chinese company ChangYou, the power of computers here is really frankly weak. This project goes easily on ten-year-old machines. All this, however, should ensure the mass character and popularity of the project. In Western countries, the game did not go, but in China, it successfully continues to exist.

Game Features

In appearance, Blade Wars looks like the well-known Diablo, which we mentioned more than once on the MMOTOP.ORG website. This project is made in pseudo-3D projection. Its plot is based on events related to the confrontation of three races. As races, people, immortals and creatures of the abyss will be presented here. There are only five classes in the game, which are tied to races. Thus, only the class of warlocks that use magic spells in battle will be available to the race of immortals. Creatures of the abyss include two classes - shuras and warriors. The former are melee fist fighters who use brass knuckles, talismans, and claws in combat. Warriors are typical tanks with all their typical characteristics. Humans have two classes available - knights and assassins. Knights are hardy and powerful masters of edged weapons. Assassins are distinguished by high movement speed and clear, fast strikes. They traditionally use twin blades in combat.

Despite the lack of modern high-quality graphics and original developments, according to the developers, this should be compensated by a free open PvP mode. Although, when destroying other players, your hero may lose morale. With repeated loss of morale after death, your character may lose one of his things. On the territory of Blade Wars you can play in one of more than fifty locations. Here you can meet many providers of experience and useful loot, which are called mobs in many games.

Pumping system

The leveling mechanism in Blade Wars looks as traditional as the rest of the game. Each of the heroes has four basic parameters, such as physique, spirit, physical strength and endurance. At the same time, you will be able to distribute experience points between these parameters manually, making the game more diverse. All skills up to level 40 you learn from special kung fu masters, which are ordinary NPCs. After level 40, you will need to independently search for the necessary books. In addition to a huge number of interesting skills, each hero has six different talents - two defensive and four attackers. The maximum level of each talent corresponds to 100, so not every gamer will be able to reach it.


Thus, Blade Wars does not fit into the category of "next gen" in any way. The reason for this is the pronounced secondary nature of the project. Therefore, the game looks very predictable and modest. In this regard, the project may appeal only to newcomers to the MMO world or people who have not been interested in computer games for twenty years.

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