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Bleach Online
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Overview of Bleach Online

Bleach Online is an anime browser-based MMORPG based on a manga by Tito Kubo called Bleach. The project is mainly focused on manga fans and those who were able to master all the anime seasons, consisting of 360 episodes, and now would like to independently take part in the conflict between the conductors of souls, empty ones, Arrancars, Quincy and other representatives of the anime universe.

As in almost any Japanese manga, the main character is an ordinary schoolboy with not quite ordinary abilities, who must pull on all the superhero business. This is with regard to the manga, in the game itself, we are offered to be in the shoes of a full-fledged shinigami who has risen from the dead, in order to then gather a small company of allies and start saving the capital of soul guides - Seiretei.

Not even a few minutes after the start, the player can crush all enemies with his zanpakutō into molecules, leaving behind silver and objects to move on in the story. As you progress, the game will throw up assistants with their own unique abilities. Battles in Bleach Online are automated, and the player is only allowed to choose the position of the hero in the squad before the battle. But the whole action looks bright and rich, just like in the series.

In general, Bleach Online can be described as a game based entirely on manga and anime, but with the addition of the ability to influence certain events, such as the development of the hero in a different direction, dressing in different costumes, or creating your own individual squad. Of course, PvP is available in the game, like any other MMO, but it is much more interesting to watch an almost interactive cartoon and just enjoy your favorite universe.

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