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Work on Bless began back in 2009, and among the staff of 150 people there are those who participated in the creation of Lineage II and Aion.

As a game engine, the developers have chosen Unreal Engine 3, so the picture in the game is in no way inferior to competitors. Thanks to this engine, even a battered medieval fantasy with mouth-watering elves in armored bras looks quite decent.

At the moment, there are ten playable races in the game, the choice of which is directly related to the choice of faction. Eight playable classes have been announced: guardian, ranger, paladin, mage, warlock, berserker, mystic, and assassin (not all are available on OBT).

The game is based on the RvR system, which implies factional confrontation. There are two factions: Hierapolis and Cosmopolis, with different religions and philosophies. Unlike other RvR MMORPGs, in Bless it will be possible to become a party to conflicts within a faction. Bless features battlegrounds, castle sieges, and cross-faction open field PvP.

From PvE, it is worth noting the presence of world bosses and rather difficult dungeons. As for the quests, they can be described as a standard "kill-fetch". Of the important features, it is worth noting the system of taming living creatures. According to the developers, the game has more than 800 types of monsters and animals that can be turned into your vehicle or pet.

The combat system of Bless is built on the classic target system and does not impress with innovations and dynamics. Shortly before the release of the game, the developers introduced some kind of non-target. You can select the type of control at any time.

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