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I would like to congratulate all russian (the terrorist state) fans of the Blood & Soul game, now you can play your favorite game on your own domestic servers. And for those gamers who have not yet heard what kind of Blood & Soul it is, and what it is eaten with, we will talk about this game below.

Let's start with the fact that the moderately popular BS is a kind of mixture (it should be noted that it is quite high quality) of brutal aggression and pink tenderness. Tenderness is expressed in the fact that you can express all your emotions in a more understandable form. Aggression is expressed in battles, they are massive, ruthless and full of unmotivated aggression.

The plot of the game is quite simple and standard, it is expressed in the opposition of three peoples. However, the peoples are not quite ordinary, these are not elves and orcs, not magicians and gnomes, these are angels, demons, and where without them - people. So, the plot of the game begins with a great battle between good and evil: Once upon a time, the inhabitants of Hell got tired of boiling in their cauldrons with boiling oil and they decided to move to Paradise. Naturally, the natives of Paradise did not like it too much and they rebelled in a rather rude way, namely, they started a war with the demons. The war was long, but the heavenly inhabitants managed to defend their lands and return the devils and demons to their place of registration. Surprisingly, the latter did not like it too much and they decided not to unpack their things, and without hesitation, move to the world of people. Decided - done. And now the inhabitants of the earth have already practically bowed before the inhabitants of the underworld, but again, the meticulous angels did not sit still and they descended to earth to eliminate the aggressors. The war broke out again, and in this conflict, you already have to take part.

To protect helpless people, the inhabitants of Paradise have four classes of fighters:

Warrior is the strongest class, they have huge damage and reliable protection.

Shooters - as the name of the class implies, they know how to fight at a distance.

Mages - well, where without them, they wield magic, as always with weak armor and low damage, but if they are “pumped” wisely, they will be invincible.

Bards - from the name it follows that they should sing well, wear cast-offs and be constantly a little tipsy, but this is not so, the bards in Blood & Soul act as nurses, they heal and resurrect.

As a feature of the game, one can single out an assistant that is given to each player and makes life a little easier.


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