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Blood & Gold: Caribbean!
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Blood & Gold: Caribbean! - a symbiosis of economic strategy and role-playing game, with multiplayer, Indians and robbery of caravans.

The plot of B&D is a pirate series dedicated to the era of wars in the Caribbean in the seventeenth century. You can trade with old Europe, manage real estate, try your luck at gambling, fight at sea and on land, and also create chaos.

You will start your journey either as a pirate or as a captain of the Life Guards. Then, having united a detachment of robbers under your command, you can set off to explore the expanses of the seas and the depths of the mysterious continent. With the advent of Blood & Gold: Caribbean! the series (yes, it's a series of games) introduces boarding battles, female characters, missions for governors, and Indian troops for the first time. In addition, the developers have supplemented the gameplay with destructible siege environments, fleet management, the latest captivity escape system and hubs for trading. A rather simple graphics can become an unpleasant minus.

The game can be recommended to all lovers of pirate lawlessness, caramba!

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