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Bloodstone : The Ancient Curse
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Bloodstone : The Ancient Curse is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from the Brazilian company Streamy Entertainment. The game is the spiritual successor of Tibia, released back in 1997, and offers almost identical gameplay with updated graphics.

Movement in the game is carried out through the cells with the mouse, as in chess, while the keyboard is responsible for using abilities. Before starting, users are asked to create a character of one of five classes: Knight, Barbarian, Archer, Mage or Shaman. All of them differ in skills, the type of armor worn and the type of attack. For example, a knight is able to attack only with physical damage, while a magician is subject to Fire, Air, Darkness, a shaman is Water, Earth, Light, and so on.

All over the world there is PK - that is, it is allowed to kill other players. But it is worth noting that with an aggressive type of game, a special effect is imposed on users, which is easy to track down. There are also arenas, weapon upgrades, crafting, various professions and even sailing.

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