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Blue Protocol
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Blue Protocol game review

Blue Protocol is an MMORPG from Japanese developers Project Sky Blue and Bandai Namco Online, subsidiaries of Bandai Namco. The project is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and is made in a fantasy setting with an anime style.

According to the description, players will have to join forces to save their native and once-prosperous world of Ragnus from destruction, and for this, they will have to travel through space and time. According to the developers, the game is focused on history, multiplayer battles, and action. At launch, Blue Protocol will have four playable classes: Aegis Fighter (tank), Twin Striker (melee DD), Blaster Archer (ranged DD), and Wizard (mage).

The game is a new IP, meaning Bandai Namco plans to create a new universe from scratch, the same goes for some in-game elements, including multiplayer.

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