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Overview of Blutbad

Blutbad is an online role-playing game. There are four inclinations, development paths in the game. Light and Darkness, Chaos and Order.

Maybe you want to choose Light and light the way for those who follow you, or maybe you choose Darkness to become a great and terrible Vampire. Or Order, to stay neutral and be true to your word.

Not? Then there remains the last and most unpredictable inclination - Chaos! You will always have a choice here, who and on whose side to play. Whether it's one of the four inclinations, or one of the six character classes. No one will be bored, each player will always find something to do, or a job.

Work for yourself and don't depend on anyone! Help others as a mentor, connect destinies as a priest, help out in battle as a mercenary. Heal, trade, excavate and fish!

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