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Boltus is an interesting type of session arcade game that looks like Pinball for Two. Players are offered to control the balls that need to be charged from beacons scattered on the field by hitting them with the subsequent conversion of the collected energy into capturing control points and placing defensive towers. Gamers are armed with: traps, combo attacks, bombs, speed boosters, as well as other skills that can affect the course of the battle. The winner will be the one who captures more territory, which is a hexagonal segment.

The gameplay in Boltus is carried out either in co-op and PvP, or solo. In addition, the project, along with several arenas for duels, presents a full-fledged campaign with pumping and passing levels. A neon frame completes the picture with modern effects. At the moment, Boltus is making attempts to gain a foothold in Steam Greenlight, and a full-fledged release of the project is promised in the first quarter of two thousand and sixteen.

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