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Game review Bone Gulch

Bone Gulch is a sandbox game with survival components. This is another MMO project with cowboy hats and pistols. Before the Red Dead Redemption game appeared on the horizon, many developers tried to avoid the Wild West theme. At the same time, the creators of Bone Gulch decided to take as a basis the story of the brutal cowboy John Martson, which was told by the Rockstars themselves. This project showed that many gamers like the role of Clint Eastwood. The same western hero who can kill enemies with one gaze. He always has a cigar in his mouth, with which he sets fire to dynamite and throws it at his enemies.

Game features

In general, Bone Gulch is one of the heirs of the famous Rockstar project. This project differs from Red Dead Redemption in the presence of joint gameplay. Therefore, it is much closer to the style of the Wild West. Since the game belongs to the category of sandboxes, here you will find complete freedom of action. However, there is still a traditional division into representatives of the law and criminals. Therefore, if you want to rob some freight train, bank or passenger stagecoach. All this can be done in this game without any problems. However, for any actions accompanied by a violation of the law, you will have to pay. Basically, this means that the bounty on your head will increase, which will necessarily lead to an increase in the number of people who want you dead. At the same time, a full loot system is implemented in Bone Gulch. That is why illegal activities will be harmful not only to your health, but also very dangerous for your financial situation.


In general, according to the MMOTOP.ORG website, the game can become very interesting, but in reality the situation is not so positive. To date, developers offer only a rather weak alpha client that will help you see the gameplay features. In addition, he shows not the most revealing video. On Kickstarter, the project raised just over two hundred pounds in 2 weeks. However, to complete the game, the creators will have to collect as much as 60 thousand pounds.

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