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Book of Camelot
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Game Book of Camelot or the Book of Camelot will tell you about such a place as foggy Albion and the famous king of the legends named Arthur. The project is completely free and was developed specifically for browsers by a small independent team. It combines elements of both single and multiplayer RPG, and the gameplay is made in the best traditions of the Fight Club, that is, in text format.

What makes a game stand out? Firstly, a colorful world worked out to the smallest detail, where your character will have to use survival skills, for example, drink water, look for food, and so on. Food is purchased either for money or issued for quests, of which there are more than two hundred here. In addition to the survival model, the game uses a well-balanced combat model, a good economy system and as many as 13 professions for lovers of peaceful pastime.

As for PvP, it takes place in a text format where we choose between block/punch buttons and various abilities that can be used during the turn. Fighting is allowed both alone and as part of a group or clan, and clans can accommodate more than a hundred users.

In general, the project deserves attention because of its diversity, the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the classic gameplay, but after reaching the maximum level, there is practically nothing to do in it.

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