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Boom Sky is a 2D browser game that has better dynamics than some PC games. In it, players are assigned the role of travelers on various air vehicles, whether they are sailboats or full-fledged aircraft. Each such vehicle can be customized to your liking, as well as equipped with various weapons.

As for battles, Boom Sky offers a turn-based system where the ship is controlled with the keys, not the mouse. There are no ordinary attacks on the target in the game, instead, each shot will have to be calculated taking into account the direction and speed of the wind, angles of attack, speed, as well as the trajectory of the bombs, and so on. These fights are reminiscent of the same Worms.

Game modes in the game are represented by two types: PvP and PvE. As for aircraft, there are more than a hundred of them, including modern models and fantasy ships. The graphic component in the game also does not suffer, but has a very pleasant cartoon style, evoking the atmosphere of Asian cartoons.

In general, Boom Sky will appeal to both fans of browser games and beginners in this field, allowing you to have fun.

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