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Botva Online is a fantasy text-based MMORPG from Destiny Development, where not crowds of orcs, elves and dragons rule the show, but more progressive and ambitious communities of sheep and pigs.

But to be precise, the main characters here are not they, but the pigs and barantus, tribes that have long been at enmity with each other without a specific goal. In principle, in Botva Online, the goal is not something important, the process itself is important, which is represented here by battles in a special room called a “butt”. It is in it that the player acquires most of the experience and resources.

Victory in the "butting" depends on the equipment, level and stats of the ward animal. Characteristics here can be increased at any time for money, but the ability to wear certain armor or weapons will have to be purchased for special marks obtained during the collection process. After the pet has grown enough, he is allowed to take care of his own animal, helping the owner in battles.

The battles themselves here can be arranged at any time in any place, without asking the consent of the opponent. Of course, your wards can also be attacked at any moment. In addition to battles, the extraction of experience and resources in the game, it is allowed to build your own home with the possibility of arranging and expanding it with outbuildings. Add-ons are needed to receive various bonuses, such as an increased percentage of money for winning or improving character characteristics. Plus, in front of the house, you can organize a field on which people-slaves will work. Other features of the game include: the possibility of manual labor (work in the harbor, mine, on the farm), a system of castes, clans and guilds.

In general, you can talk about diversity in Botva Online for a long time, because the game is all right with this. At the same time, the game perfectly demonstrates that a good project can be not only interesting, but also funny.


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