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Broken Worlds
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Broken Worlds is a text-based MMORPG for playing in a browser with strategy elements and live communication. Initially, the game seems simple and inconspicuous, but as you master the gameplay, you will soon realize that you will die here due to the lack of contact with the players. In order to develop normally, you will constantly have to communicate.

The project has several ways to develop a character in person: Alchemist, Designer, Engineer, Warrior, Weapon Creator and Mage, each character is endowed with the ability to create objects characteristic of his kind of activity. It won’t work to study everything right away, since pumping takes a considerable amount of time, so, like it or not, you will have to ask other players for help ...

Of course, in addition to crafting in the game, you can do other things, for example, fight with players or NPCs. In addition, Shattered Worlds features advanced clan and tribal systems where gamers can acquire ownership of entire Worlds. Moreover, each world consists of zones with monsters living on them with different indicators of strength. Therefore, if the clan owns the World, then it can hunt and create buildings.

Thus, the system is presented in an interesting and strikingly different way from games like Fight Club. It is a pity that the combat elements in the game are standard and the only thing that the project can offer is a minuscule animation and turn-based battles.

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